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Never Drink and Drive: Denied Entry in Canada Is just one Consequence

It doesn’t matter if it’s an old underage DUI, if you won’t be driving there at all and you’re just a passenger or if you barely remember the event at all.


When the record is created, you might be denied entry even if the DUI was pardoned or acquitted because the charges were dropped or no charges were filed. It’s not unheard of for criminal records to be outdated for years and people to still be rejected at the Canadian border. A lawyer who is specialized in Canadian law is the only one who can help you get permission. You’ll have to prepare loads of paperwork and submit a special application.


Always take a taxi if you’ve had some drinks and you want to get back home. Never ever consider that you’re “fine enough” to drive and that you’ll make it home safely. This is valid for any other substances that you might be intoxicated with. DUI convictions that will cause you trouble for the rest of your life and tragedies that will change your life in the worst way should be more than enough reasons not even to think about driving under influence.

Drinking and driving should never ever be combined. It’s one of the worst ideas that you could ever have. When an individual is drunk, his capacity to think, see and hear is impaired and unreliable. He is excessively relaxed and that always leads to dangerous driving. Cars are not toys. A drunk driver can get himself killed easily and can kill many others on the way as well. There is absolutely no reason to drive while intoxicated.


It is reckless to think that you might not get caught. Even if you won’t, you will endanger your life and the life of all the passengers, pedestrians and other traffic participants that you will encounter. That’s a price no one should be tempted to pay. You either don’t drink or you don’t drive. It’s that simple.


When the police pulls you over and you find yourself in a state of questionable sobriety, you will get arrested for driving under influence. Once you get arrested and fingerprinted, a criminal record gets created. If you’re guilty of DUI, it will stain your legal record forever and will prevent you from getting jobs or having access to many things. One of them is traveling to Canada.


Canada doesn’t allow people with DUIs to enter the country. A single DUI conviction makes you inadmissible to cross the Canadian border. So the individual needs to say bye-bye to seeing Toronto, Halifax, Victoria or any other beautiful Canadian city.

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